For the best start in life

Maternity at Matilda is characterised by quality service, friendly people, luxurious rooms and a beautiful environment. We also provide peace-of-mind with predetermined costs for everything you and your might normally require baby during your stay.
  • Packages

    Matilda maternity packages typically include the total hospital cost for you to have your baby. These packages start on the day of delivery and include everything you’d normally need.

    • 2-night normal vaginal delivery (including forceps or vacuum delivery if required)
    • 3-night normal vaginal delivery (including forceps or vacuum delivery if required)
    • 4-night elective (pre-booked) caesarean section delivery
    • 5-night elective (pre-booked) caesarean section delivery
    • 5-night emergency caesarean section delivery

    Circumcisions, phototherapy and special care baby unit services are available outside the package costs

    Please arrange for your obstetrician to book your hospital stay and for details of their fees.

    Full maternity package price list and notes

  • Baby’s safety

    Obstetricians, paediatricians and anaesthetists live on site ready for 24-hour emergency backup. A general practitioner, obstetrician and paediatrician are always on-site for on-call emergencies.

    Back-up emergency doctors will only be called if your own doctor is unavailable or at their request – for example if your doctor suddenly can’t attend your delivery, or if there is an unexpected threat to the wellbeing of you or your baby.

    You are advised to check with your obstetrician about the level of emergency care they provide, to ensure that an obstetrician, paediatrician and anaesthetist are available for your delivery if needed.

    For security reasons the nursery door is locked at all times. Only parents are given the access code. A member of staff is stationed in the nursery and the area is covered by 24 hour CCTV.

    To prevent accidents please transport your baby in the cot between your room and the nursery.

    Should your baby need to be transferred to a public hospital, the ambulance service may charge a transportation fee.

    All visitors must report to the nursing station on arrival to confirm your room number and ensure the visit is convenient for you.

    Your own children and other children over the age of 12 are allowed to visit. There may be times when visiting is limited.

  • Maternity team

    Matilda’s multilingual midwives and obstetric nurses assist with the delivery of around a thousand babies a year. They appreciate every delivery is unique and every baby is special and are there for you with expert advice and care.

    We encourage continuing education and 95% of our midwives have completed the internationally recognised Advanced Life Support Obstetrics (ALSO) training.

    Midwives will help you with your individual needs and offer complete support to women who choose natural childbirth. Partners are welcome to be present at the delivery.

  • Booking

    We need your obstetrician to book your maternity stay because they will share important information about your pregnancy and history.

    Your obstetrician should book your room as far in advance as possible and we will send you confirmation once we have received your booking.

    Check-in online hereafter you received our confirmation.

    If you wish to draw up a birth plan, please send or fax (2849 6246) it to our maternity department before your admission so we are aware of your special requests.

    We make every effort to provide you with your choice of room, but can’t guarantee the type until the day you are admitted. There is no exact science in predicting due dates– babies set their own programme.

    If your booked room type is not available, you may choose a different available room. The published room category rate will apply.

  • Antenatal courses

    During several sessions our team of healthcare professionals share insights into the later stages of pregnancy and becoming a parent.

    The course includes practical information and useful suggestions for pregnancy, the birthing process and caring for newborns.

    The course is suitable for ladies who have reached at least 28 weeks of pregnancy. Partners are welcome to join too.

    The friendly sessions include a discussion time. You’re encouraged to prepare questions. No question is too trivial – your concerns may be shared by others.

    Classes are conducted in English and Japanese.

    Course schedule

    Check our class calendar for schedules. Places are limited to please book well in advance.

    If you miss a class, please ask the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if there is a catch up class available.

    Course content

    Week one
    • The last trimester
    • Your health during pregnancy
    • Exercises in pregnancy
    • Signs and symptoms to tell your doctor about
    • Stages of labour
    Week two
    • Labour position
    • Breathing and Relaxation
    • Natural methods of coping with labour and delivery
    • Medical pain relief
    Week three
    • Admission to the hospital
    • Tour of the maternity ward
    • What to bring to the hospital
    • Birth plan
    • Medical intervention
    Week four
    • Breastfeeding
    Week five
    • Newborn procedure
    • Coping with the demands of parenthood
    • Postnatal depression
    • Sudden infant death syndrome
    • Further Q&A

    $2,500/couple (lecture notes, refreshments and gift packs included)

    Your space at the course can only be confirmed upon receipt of full payment in advance.

  • More about maternity

    We aim to make giving birth as joyful and comfortable as possible. At Matilda we offer:

    • Private labour suites
    • Partner present at delivery
    • Partner present at delivery during caesarean section under epidural (most hospitals do not encourage this if a general anaesthetic is given)
    • Ratio of one midwife to one mother in active labour
    • Baby to room-in with mother in shared and private rooms
    • Registered midwives/obstetric nurses for your care in active labour
    • A breastfeeding-friendly atmosphere with help from lactation consultants
    • 24-hour on-site obstetric emergency cover
    • Special care baby unit and professional team dedicated to neonates
    • Adult high-dependency unit or intensive care unit
    • Support via a wide range of health education classes
    • International quality accreditation
    • Alternative methods of pain relief, such as aromatherapy
    • Epidural on demand service
    • Nursing staff trained regularly in emergency procedures by an international body
    • Inclusive maternity packages