Critical Care

Located at the Medical Surgical Department, the Critical Care Unit at Matilda include an Emergency room, Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU) and High Dependency Unit (HDU), for patients who require close monitoring and nursing care with the support by advanced equipment.


High Dependency Unit (HDU)

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The High Dependency Unit (HDU) is equipped with a cardiac monitoring system and ventilators that help closely monitor and support patients with respiratory and cardiac system dysfunction, especially for those who had major surgery.

Patients will be attended to by their attending specialists, and observed and cared by a fully trained and experienced ICU nurse 24 hours a day.


Special Baby Care Unit (SCBU) 

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Early babies, very small babies, or babies that are ill and need to be kept under close observation for a period of time may need extra medical support from our four-bedded Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU).

The unit is staffed by nursing personnel with training/experience in the critical care of newborns. They work closely with the baby’s paediatrician and actively involve parents in the care of their babies.

The Matilda SCBU provides emergency and monitoring cover to neonates which can range from breathing support with Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP), feeding and temperature support (incubator) and active treatment (intravenous antibiotics). Babies that require a higher intensity treatment or machine support for breathing will be transferred to a government hospital. If a transfer is necessary, the baby will travel in an incubator equipped with life support capabilities and our staff help escort the baby.