Our Ways of Being

Passionate and dedicated professionals look for more than job titles and pay checks. At Matilda we understand the need for meaningful job satisfaction, long-term relationship with coworkers and platforms that allow us to make a positive difference to healthcare delivery and society.

We adopt a set of behaviours called “Ways of Being”, which outlines our culture and core values. Through this set of behaviours, our vision of leading personalised health and wellness is brought to life. They help us know what is expected of each other. They help foster communication, boost trust levels, break down barriers, energise our workplace and empower each of us to be at our best.

  • Be Empathetic – Do everything we can to show we care
  • Be Innovative – Embrace new ideas, make the future ours
  • Be Inspirational – Be passionate about what we do
  • Be Proactive – Take initiative everyday
  • Be Professional – Always do the right thing