Matilda Antenatal Care

Matilda Antenatal Care
  • 14 designated specialist consultations based on international guidelines
  • Join at any stage of pregnancy
  • Pay-as-you-go system


Schedule and Fee

Effective date: 16 Jan 2022

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6-8 weeks Meeting the obstetrician
Basic assessment and planning
10 weeks Antenatal check and blood test (blood group, complete blood count,
syphilis, rubella, varicella, Hepatitis B surface antigen, HIV)
12 weeks Antenatal check
Screening for Down syndrome – Non-Invasive Prenatal test (NIPT)
and Nuchal Translucency (NT) scan
16 weeks Antenatal check $2,020
20-22 weeks Antenatal check Structural scan $5,390
25 weeks Antenatal check $2,020
28 weeks Antenatal check
Oral glucose toterance test
31 weeks Antenatal check $2,020
34 weeks Antenatal check $2,020
36 weeks Antenatal check
Group B strep test
38 weeks Antenatal check
Labour planning
39 weeks Antenatal check $2,020
40 weeks Antenatal check $2,020
41 weeks Antenatal check $2,020

Terms and Conditions

  • The above schedule and fees only apply to designated obstetricians.
  • The designated obstetricians are allocated. Specific specialists cannot be selected.
  • The antenatal check includes consultation, weight, blood pressure, urine check and a basic ultrasound scan, as well as items listed. Additional consultations, imaging, laboratory tests, medications and supplements that are ordered by the obstetricians will be charged additionally.
  • Appointments or emergency consultations held beyond this schedule will be charged additionally.
  • Additional costs will be incurred for a structural scan for a multiple pregnancy.
  • You are required to settle the payment of each visit, including additional tests and prescriptions at each appointment.
  • Optional items can be chosen at an extra cost.  No direct billing arrangements with insurers or company schemes will be administered through this antenatal programme, you may need to pay and claim.


Booking and enquiries:

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