Understanding women’s health needs

Women’s health has been a primary area of care at Matilda since we first admitted patients in 1907. In fact the original Matilda was renowned for her work with women and children. Today we’re widely respected for our expertise in obstetrics and gynaecology.

We believe in a parent-baby friendly approach to maternity and encourage you to express your preferences in delivery as you prepare to welcome a new member to your family. Our quality research-based maternity care is provided in a friendly environment with experts sensitive to your healthcare needs. Both new and experienced parents alike appreciate our open, modern approach. 

Matilda offers a complete range of maternity services including classes, pregnancy testing and monitoring, care for special circumstances, and community postnatal midwifery service . Facilities include advanced scanning and diagnostics technology and private labour suites. We welcome the presence of partners during the big event, and continuity of care is enabled by midwifery home visits for providing you support and professional guidance on postnatal care and breastfeeding support.

Early bonding 

Whether in a delivery room or the clinical setting of an operating theatre we encourage early parent-baby bonding. Through creating a peaceful and unique atmosphere where parents set the mood by choosing background music and by involving parents they can feel part of the birthing process and are able to watch the birth of their baby.

It is a special emotional moment as mom holds her baby close for the first time, right after birth. Skin-to-skin contact helps regulate the baby's body temperature and heart rate, though above all it initiates bonding and promotes successful breastfeeding.


  • Personalised care
  • Partner, close relative or friend accompanying labour
  • Choice of alternative methods of pain relief, such as mobilization, birth ball, warm pad, music and water bath
  • Walking epidurals, Entonox
  • Ratio of one midwife to one mother in active labour
  • Partner present at delivery and for caesarean section under epidural (Partner is not encouraged to stay with you should a general anaesthesia is required)
  • Partner may cut the baby's cord
  • A breastfeeding-friendly atmosphere with help from lactation consultants 
  • Early bonding for normal deliveries and caesarean sections
  • Skin to skin contact with baby at birth in delivery room or operating room
  • Baby rooms-in with mother in shared and private rooms
  • Postnatal midwifery home visits
  • A wide range of health education classes 



  • Private labour suites
  • Special care baby unit and professional team dedicated to neonates 
  • Adult high-dependency unit or intensive care unit





Recognition and training

The maternity department is accredited by Hong Kong College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and is part of the hospital wide international accreditation. Our nursing team is trained regularly in emergency procedures by an international body and with our level of expertise we have been accredited as a clinical training site for fellow membership training by the Hong Kong College of Midwives.

More about maternity at Matilda

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Women's health

Our services also cover women health screening as well as common conditions such as endometriosis, menopause and cancerous abnormalities.