Understanding women’s health needs

Women’s health has been a primary area of care at Matilda since we first admitted patients in 1907. In fact the original Matilda was renowned for her work with women and children. Today we’re widely respected for our expertise in obstetrics and gynaecology.

We believe in a parent-friendly approach to maternity and encourage you to express your preferences in delivery as you prepare to welcome a new member to your family. Our quality research-based maternity care is provided in a friendly environment with experts sensitive to your healthcare needs.

Maternity and midwifery

The Matilda maternity team aims to make the miracle of childbirth as joyful as possible. New and experienced parents alike appreciate our open, modern approach. 

Matilda offers a complete range of maternity services including classes, pregnancy testing and monitoring, and care for special circumstances. Facilities include advanced scanning and diagnostics technology and private labour suites. We welcome the presence of partners during the big event.

Our obstetrics and gynaecology services also cover women health screening as well as common conditions such as endometriosis, menopause and cancerous abnormalities.

More about maternity at Matilda

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