Fees and Charges

We offer a range of payment options for deposits and bill settlement. Our patient service team can assist you to understand more about our packages and pricing as well as helping you with the payment process.


Fee Schedules

  • Hospital Packages
    The hospital has set up many service packages,including total care packages which comprise hospital and doctor fees, and hospital packages which exclude hospital doctor fees.
  • Hospital Fees


Reference Charges and Budget Estimation

Historical data for common surgical procedures (For reference only)
These historical data for some common procedures are for reference only. They do not reflect the actual charges of your medical treatment. If you wish to obtain a cost estimate based on your surgery plan, you are advised to obtain a hospital quotation and speak to your doctor in regards to his fee. All doctors are private practitioners practising independently of the hospital and its administration so their fees may vary from one to another.


Budget Estimate Form (For reference only)

If your procedure is among the list of operations/procedures recommended for the provision of Budget Estimates, please download this form and present it to your doctor. The form must be completed and signed by your doctor before hospital admission.

Insurance FAQ

Payment policies


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