Official statement - false claim on medication

Official Statement

It has come to our attention that an online platform has stated that a doctor from Matilda International Hospital endorsed a specific medication "酸必泰濃縮青梅丸" (also known as "酸必泰BB丸").

The hospital does not endorse medication and we urge the public to be vigilant against such false claims. This medication is not available at either Matilda International Hospital or Matilda Medical Centre.

The hospital adheres to stringent protocols and guidelines regarding the procurement of medications, and no endorsement to specific medication will be made. We are committed to providing the highest quality standards of medication safety and urge patients and the public to verify with us directly (Tel: 2849 0111or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) should there be any questions in relation to this medication and our services.

Thank you for your attention

Matilda International Hospital
(Statutory name: Matilda and War Memorial Hospital)