Full maternity care

Matilda International Hospital is now offering antenatal care with designated obstetricians who can take care of you throughout your pregnancy. These experienced obstetricians can also provide care for your delivery and during postnatal period, should you choose to deliver with us. A schedule of 13 antenatal visits with a designated obstetrician commences at around week six of your pregnancy and is based on international guidelines.

Pricing is transparent, it is built with managing costs in mind and is based on a pay as you go system. 

If you have maternity insurance coverage for antenatal care you should be able to pay and claim, it is important to find out your coverage details. We have been recognised as a select provider for maternity care with some insurers and have specific programmes in place, for details of these please contact our dedicated Patient Service Team. The team can also help arrange appointments at the Matilda Medical Centre in Central or the Hospital’s outpatient department.

6-8 weeks Registration and introduction
Booking and planning &
Antenatal blood test (Blood group, complete Blood Count,syphilis, rubella, varicella, Hepatitis B surface antigen, HIV)
12 weeks Antenatal check
Screening for down syndrome _ Non-Invasive Prenatal test (NIPT) and Nuchal Translucency (NT) scan
16 weeks Antenatal check $1,980
18-20 weeks Antenatal check
Structural screen
25 weeks  Antenatal check $1,980
28 weeks  Antenatal check
Oral glucose tolerance test
31 weeks  Antenatal check $1,980
34 weeks  Antenatal check $1,980
36 weeks  Antenatal check
Group B strep test
38 weeks  Antenatal check
Labour planning
39 weeks  Antenatal check $1,980
40 weeks  Antenatal check $1,980
41 weeks  Antenatal check $1,980


Terms and Conditions

  • The above schedule and fees only apply for designated obstetricians.
  • The antenatal check includes consultation, weight, blood pressure, urine check and basic ultrasound scan, as well as items listed. Additional consultations, imaging, laboratory tests, medications and supplements that are ordered by the obstetricians will be charged additionally.
  • Appointments or emergency consultations held beyond this schedule will be charged additionally.
  • You are required to settle the payment, including additional tests and prescriptions at each appointment.
  • Optional items can be chosen at extra cost.
  • No direct billing arrangements with insurers or company schemes will be administered through this antenatal programme, you may need to pay and claim.

Should you choose to have your antenatal care with an obstetrician who is not on our antenatal care panel, you are still very welcome to book your delivery at the hospital.

The hospital provides a range of highly informative health education classes for you and your family to prepare for having a baby. Visit the hospital’s website if you wish to understand more about our maternity facilities , to learn about the maternity delivery packages and postnatal care options.

Booking or enquiries:
Patient Service Centre
t 2849 0355