Managing blocked ducts

Are you breastfeeding and experiencing discomfort of breast engorgement, blocked milk ducts or mastitis? Whilst our maternity team are giving you full support on delivery, postnatal care and breastfeeding, you may want to look for ways to ease the pain when mastitis or blocked ducts occur. Physiotherapy treatment, even a short therapy session, can help you ease the discomfort by:

  • giving you ultrasound treatment that helps clear the blockage of the milk ducts;
  • using the taping technique that helps reduce inflammation and improve drainage of the milk ducts;
  • providing you advice on breastfeeding positions that prevents back pain, wrist pain and duct blockage.

Our physiotherapist works closely with our maternity team to enhance the effectiveness of the treatment.
If you are on our maternity department, simply contact our staff to help arrange an inpatient physiotherapy treatment. No doctor referral is required.

If you are at home, please consult your doctor for a referral letter then contact us to make an appointment.

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