Matilda International Hospital launched pre-determined pricing scheme for antenatal care

During the COVID-19 pandemic, there are a lot more things to consider when couples are planning for a baby. Matilda International Hospital specially introduces antenatal care services ...

29 October 2020                                                                                                 

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, there are a lot more things to consider when couples are planning for a baby. Matilda International Hospital specially introduces antenatal care services inclusive of basic ultrasound scans, routine tests and doctor’s fee at pre-determined fixed charges to cater to their needs.  Matilda is the first private hospital in Hong Kong to launch this fixed pricing scheme* in antenatal care, offering expectant parents price transparency.  It also gives pregnant women the flexibility to attend any of the private antenatal care sessions according to the gestation of pregnancy and the recommended schedule.

The Matilda’s antenatal care service commences at around week six to eight of pregnancy, includes 13 antenatal visits which are based on international guidelines. Pricing is transparent, it is built with managing costs in mind and is based on a pay as you go system. Pregnant women can book the antenatal care service with reference to the recommended schedule which lists out the test items and fees. The charges include an antenatal check-up and a basic ultrasound scan by a designated obstetrician. Essential blood tests, labour planning or a special scan are even included in individual antenatal check-up sessions.  

Pregnant ladies can choose to have the antenatal care at the Matilda Medical Centre in Central or the Hospital’s outpatient department.

Debbie Tong, Head of Patient Service Centre of the Matilda International Hospital said, “A new baby brings great joy to the life of the parents. Despite the COVID-19 situation, many couples are ready for a new, exciting phase of life, including getting married and starting a family. At this challenging time, couples plan everything cautiously including antenatal care, we aim to offer them personalised care right from the start of pregnancy with competitive prices.”

“Whilst the antenatal checks are important to detect abnormalities and development disorders in mothers and babies, personal touch is equally important for giving couples guidance, advice and emotional support throughout the journey into parenthood.” She continued.

Pregnant ladies who use the Matilda’s antenatal care service, can continue the parenthood journey with the hospital and the designated obstetrician, enabling the medical team she is familiar with giving her full support for delivery.  

Antenatal care services at Matilda International Hospital 
6-8 weeks Registration and introduction
Booking and planning &
Antenatal blood test (Blood group, complete Blood Count,syphilis, rubella, varicella, Hepatitis B surface antigen, HIV)
12 weeks Antenatal check
Screening for down syndrome _ Non-Invasive Prenatal test (NIPT) and Nuchal Translucency (NT) scan
16 weeks Antenatal check $1,980
18-20 weeks Antenatal check
Structural screen
25 weeks  Antenatal check $1,980
28 weeks  Antenatal check
Oral glucose tolerance test
31 weeks  Antenatal check $1,980
34 weeks  Antenatal check $1,980
36 weeks  Antenatal check
Group B strep test
38 weeks  Antenatal check
Labour planning
39 weeks  Antenatal check $1,980
40 weeks  Antenatal check $1,980
41 weeks  Antenatal check $1,980


Booking or enquiries:
Patient Service Centre
call 2849 0355 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

*basic antenatal check and essential tests only. It’s subject to additional charges for extra tests, service items and emergency services outside social hours.

As pregnant ladies and patients in general look for an even safer environment, Matilda International Hospital has extended the 24-hour onsite obstetrician, paediatrician services to anaesthetist.

Virtual maternity tour and online meet & greet

In the past few months, the demand for private hospitals’ maternity services remains stable. Although hospital tours are suspended at Matilda, moms-to-be can access a virtual hospital tour in which they can learn more about the hospital’s maternity facilities and admission arrangements. Antenatal classes are being held online to avoid group gatherings during the COVID-19 pandemic.  An online midwifery meet and greet session was first launched in April and is now held on a regular basis.    

Sing Chu, Maternity Manager of Matilda International Hospital explained, “We recognize that couples have a lot of questions during pregnancy and through the means of the virtual tour, antenatal classes and midwifery online session, we hope to provide them information and address their concerns.


Mrs Paau and Evonne sought for more support when the emergency response to COVID-19 has been effective, and decided to deliver their babies at a private hospital, Matilda Hospital. They felt relaxed getting a lot of  support from the midwives and the maternity team.  

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