OPD support to COVID mild cases and HA transferred cases

Matilda International Hospital is committed to working alongside Government authorities to fight COVID and relieve pressure on the public health system...

8 March 2022

Immediate release

Matilda International Hospital offers outpatient support to COVID mild cases and increases transfer of 
breast cancer cases from public sector

Matilda International Hospital is committed to working alongside Government authorities to fight COVID and relieve pressure on the public health system. Consultations are available for COVID patients with mild symptoms whilst offering to increase the number of cancer patients from the Hospital Authority (HA) by 20%. Half of the hospital’s general beds will be offered for HA transfers and the Hospital is in discussion with the HA regarding the transfer of cases. 

Increase in HA transfers

Matilda International Hospital has fully supported Hospital Authority (HA) requests and has taken 95 referred breast cancer cases for surgery from 6 public hospitals and increased the number by 20% during the recent outbreak. We aim to reserve half of the general beds for HA transferred cases and will continue to work closely with HA. 

Outpatient support to COVID mild cases

In addition, Matilda is supporting patients with respiratory symptoms and COVID patients with mild symptoms through the outpatient facilities.  Patients can receive medical consultation, basic medication to relieve symptoms, and advice. Booking of an appointment is required, patients can call 2849 1500 to make a booking and have to do a rapid antigen COVID test upon arrival. 

Currently, the hospital services are now restricted as 30% of the staff are not able to report to work due to being confirmed with COVID, or being a close contact of COVID cases. Non-urgent medical services are reduced substantially and service arrangements have been made so as to maintain essential medical services as well as accommodate more transferred patients from the HA. 

Linda Burgoyne, CEO of Matilda International Hospital said, “ We understand the urgent need for greater access to care and are working closely with all government departments to support the public healthcare system”. 

Developing area with improved air flow

Inpatient services for COVID patients are not currently available due to the type of facilities required. Matilda does not have negative pressure rooms and therefore focuses on giving more support to the HA by increasing the intake of patients requiring urgent surgical treatment for cancer. The hospital is now studying the possibility of developing a ward area with a unidirectional airflow system. In order to extend inpatient services for COVID patients, support with drugs, and personal protective equipment will be required as such supplies mainly go to the public sector. 

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Manpower and resources rearranged for offering more support to the public healthcare sector.

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