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Matilda International Hospital is an approved provider for the UK Pre-Departure tuberculosis (TB) Screening.

People going to the UK for more than 6 months will need to be tested for tuberculosis (TB) if they have been residents in Hong Kong. Details on the screening requirements and who it applies to can be found on the UK Government website.

Screening for TB involves a basic assessment by the doctor and a chest x-ray. A clearance certificate is issued if the screening is negative. The clearance certificate is valid for 6 months from the date of the chest x-ray or 3 months if the applicant or any of the family member has been treated for TB.

Screening Programme

Basic Screening

  • Adult (>11 years old): GP assessment and Chest X-ray ($1,200 per person)
  • Child (<11 years old): GP assessment ($600 per person)

Pregnant Ladies

Pregnant ladies can choose to have an x-ray with extra shielding, a sputum test or to wait until after delivery. Please refer to the UK Government website for more details on options.

Advanced Screening (Sputum Examination)

Anyone with signs and symptoms or a chest x-ray indicating possible TB will need to undergo sputum testing. Sputum collection needs to done on three consecutive mornings.

  • Sputum Test ($1,900 per person per time)

Booking Procedure

1. Read the Common Q&A to understand more about the test

2. Complete the online booking form below

3. We will contact you to confirm your appointment

The certificate is valid for 6 months. Failure to collect within 6 months will affect your visa application and the hospital will not be responsible for this. Once the certificate has passed the validity, it will be kept as a medical record within the hospital. If the applicant wishes to obtain a copy, please click here to download the Data Access Request Form and submit your request to medicalrecords@matilda.org. The fee of obtaining the medical record is HKD 500.

What do you need to bring:

On the examination day:

  1. Passport that will be used to enter to the UK (Original)
  2. HKID (Original)
  3. A copy of passport and HKID card on the same paper

On the day to collect the certificate:

  1. The passport that will be used to enter to the UK
  2. Your Hong Kong ID Card
  3. A passport size photo

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Examination service period:
Matilda International Hospital
Monday to Friday (9 am to 5 pm) and Saturday (9am to 12 noon), closed on Sunday and public holidays
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Screening Programme                                                                                           
Basic Screening - Adult (Age >11) ($1,200)
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Basic Screening – Child (Age<11) ($600)
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