Time to go home

Matilda discharge time is 11.30am. Please settle your account before you leave the hospital. 

There is no charge for the day of departure if check-out is before 11:30am. After 11:30am, there will be an additional charge.

All accounts must be settled before discharge or payment arrangement guaranteed by insurance companies. The hospital accepts payment by EPS, credit card (Visa Card, Master Card, American Express, China Union Pay) or cash in Hong Kong dollars.

Please visit our Payment Policies to understand more about charges and billing.

If you are having a daycase procedure under anaesthetic you should be accompanied home by a friend or family member. Do not drive.

Before leaving you are invited to complete a patient feedback form and share your experience of Matilda. The forms are available throughout our facilities.

If you would like a copy of your medical records please click here to download the Data Access Request Form.

See Matilda Hospital transport options here