We teamed up with Urban Hatch to talk about top things expectant parents should know in June 2022. If you are pregnant and preparing for having a pleasant delivery experience, be sure to watch this Facebook Live to prepare for your journey.


Our speakers:

Wong Iok Seng is an experienced midwife at Matilda International Hospital and a mother of a 2 year-old girl. She has 9 years’ work experience in nursing, and midwifery, and received training in both the US and Hong Kong. She is also a lactation consultant.
Sofie Jacobs is an experienced midwife and a well-being coach with an innovator's spirit. After 24+ years of experience working as a midwife in some of the best and busiest hospitals in Europe and then in Asia, she created the Hatch™ digital antenatal programme for modern-day (expectant) parents who need fresh forms of support.

To learn more about the online antenatal course collaborated by Matilda and Urban Hatch, please visit: https://www.matilda.org/en/for-patients/courses/online-antenatal-course

To get to know more about having a baby at Matilda, please check out this page https://www.matilda.org/en/services-facilities/maternity

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