Visiting friends and relatives in hospital

For patients who are staying in a private room visiting times are not restricted, although we do ask that you consider the patient's need for personal time. For our patients in shared occupancy rooms visiting time is between 10am and 8pm daily and we allow only two visitors per patient at a time, to minimise disturbance and ensure they get adequate rest to aid their recovery. 

Our staff will respectfully ask visitors to leave if they overstay the visiting times and they may ask them to step out for a moment should one of the patients requires special care and/or attention during the visiting times. There is a lobby area on the 2nd floor if the patient prefers to greet visitors outside of the shared room. 

Children other than the patient's own who are under 12 years old, babies or any child with a fever and/or rash are advised not to visit patients. 

We request that visitors check with our staff on arrival to make certain it is an appropriate time to visit. We encourage all visitors to wear masks and perform hand hygiene before entering patient rooms. If you encounter a message on the door of a room asking to check with the staff then please proceed to the nearest nursing station to receive further instructions prior to entry into the room.