Self-funded COVID Vaccination (BioNtech Bi-valent) and treatment for COVID patients (non-Hong Kong residents only)

Non-Hong Kong residents can now receive the BioNtech Bi-valent vaccination and treatment for COVID-19 infection at Matilda Outpatient Department and the Medical Centre in Central.

BioNtech Bi-valent Vaccination

The self-funded BioNtech Bi-valent Vaccine is available for non-Hong Kong residents who:

  • Are 12 years old or above
  • Have received a primary course of COVID-19 vaccine at least 90 days ago
  • Have recovered from a COVID-19 infection at least 3 months ago


  No. of people

  Fee (includes vaccine and injection fee)

  1 person

  HKD 2,500 per person

  2-3 persons

  HKD 2,100 per person

  4-5 persons

  HKD 1,800 per person

  6 person

  HKD 1,600 per person

Booking procedure:

Step 1: Complete the registration form  and arrange payment in advance.

Step 2: Once paid, contact us to arrange the appointment date and time

Step 3: On the appointment day, bring the two-way permit/passports and past COVID-19 vaccination records to receive the vaccination.

Terms and Conditions

  • Once the payment is completed, no refund will be given

  • The appointment must be arranged within 30 days of payment

  • An appointment can be rescheduled 5 working days prior to the initial appointment. A fee of HKD500 will be charged for each change, if the appointment is rescheduled more than twice. Rescheduling will not be permitted for appointments within 3 working days of the scheduled day

  • If a doctor consultation is required, a fee of HKD590 will be charged

  • Special treatment or medical care after the vaccination will incur additional fees

  • Matilda International Hospital reserves the right to withdraw the service provision


Treatment for COVID patients

Non-Hong Kong residents can now make an appointment to see doctors or receive treatment in the Matilda Outpatient Department and the Matilda Medical Centre in Central. COVID-19 antiviral medication is available for patients if medically indicated.


  Doctor consultation (exclude medication):

  Office hours: HKD590
  Emergency hour (the Peak only): HKD800

  COVID antiviral medication

  Molnupiravir: HKD6,420
  Paxlovid: HKD6,790

Contact number for booking:

Outpatient Department (The Peak): +852-2849 1500

Matilda Medical Centre (Central):  +852-2537 8500

Online booking, please click here.