High resolution anoscopy for prevention of anal cancer

High resolution anoscopy (HRA) is an outpatient procedure that allows for examination of abnormal cells in the anus using a high definition colposcope. It helps identify diseases that can affect the perianal skin and anal areas, including anal precancerous changes caused by Human Papillomavirus (HPV). It is specially designed to look for lesions that are not detected by a colonoscopy.

You may be referred to see a specialist if you experience anal itching, burning, tenderness, bleeding or discharge; or have a history of anal dysplastia (precancerous changes) or cervical, vaginal or vulva dysplasia or cancer; or you belong to one of the risk groups below.

The following groups of people are particularly susceptible to persistent HPV infection and should consider HRA for screening:

  • those who have had an organ transplant;
  • those who require long term steroid use or other medicine that suppresses the immune function
  • HIV patients
  • those who have a medical condition that affects the immune system.
  • women with previous history of cervical, vaginal or vulvar cancer or precancerous changes
  • men who have sex with men

The procedure is performed at our Outpatient Department and requires no special preparation. It takes around 30 - 60 minutes only and you can resume normal activities except strenuous activities for a few days. If a high grade abnormality is detected, you will be offered treatment to reduce the chance of the lesion turning into cancer.

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