Hip Replacement Total Care Package

Special Offer for Hip Replacement Total Care Package

Hip replacement surgery can help relieve pain and restore function in severely damaged or diseased hip joints. The procedure involves replacing the hip joint with an artificial joint. Modern hip replacement usually allow normal function and are expected to last for many years.

A total care package using a premium implant is now offered at $179,500 till end of 2024.


Booking and enquiry:

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Terms and Conditions:

  • It applies to standard room only, for 2 nights and 3 days’ hospital stay.
  • A *Smith & Nephew Polar 3 (oxinium on crosslinked polyethylene) implant will be used for the procedure.
  • Patient who wish to stay the night before admission, the additional charge will be $1,050. For extended stay after surgery, each night will be $4,000 extra.
  • Additional charges on procedures, specialist fees and other laboratory or imaging tests, treatment, alternative implants and medication beyond those included in the package.
  • An orthopaedic specialist booking is required for this surgery.
  • This package is only available for designated doctors.
  • Other extra charges include emergency or unsocial hours services beyond the routine procedures; procedures extending beyond the scheduled operating theatre time; and miscellaneous items such as extra refreshments and IDD telephone calls.
  • No insurance or corporate direct billing will be handled for this package.