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private hospitals hong kong-明德醫院門診-Matilda Medical Centre-私家醫院急症-24 hour outpatient-中環身體檢查
  • How to go to the hospital

    1. By private car

    There are two ways to reach Peak Road to come to the hospital. One is from Stubbs Road, and the other is from Magazine Gap Road. Drive along Peak Road until a “Hospital” road sign appears, then follow the directions.

    2. By taxi

    Please show to the taxi driver (Chinese name and address: 山頂加列山道41號, 明德國際醫院)

    3. By public transport

    Green Minibus no. 1
    Terminus @ MTR Hong Kong Station Public Transport Interchange (just below Citysuper at IFC 2).

    4. By hospital shuttle bus

    See map and timetable below. Matilda International Hospital runs a dedicated 23-seater shuttle bus straight to the hospital from Central, at 20-to every hour. Pick up point: bus bays between General Post Office and City Hall (there is no bus stop signage, so please read the destination sign “Matilda Hospital” on the bus.) For assistance, please call 2849 0111.

    private hospitals hong kong-私家醫院-24 hour outpatient-24小時診所港島-24 hours clinic hong kong-私家醫院核酸檢測

    private hospitals hk-港島私家醫院-24 hour clinic-私家醫院急症-central health check-私家醫院門診邊間好



    Departure timetable of the hospital shuttle bus:

    Depart from:

    City Hall Matilda International Hospital
    06:40 07:10
    07:40 08:10
    08:40 09:10
    09:40 10:10
    10:40 11:10
    11:40 12:10
    12:40 13:10
    13:40 14:10
    14:40 15:10
    15:40 16:10
    16:40 17:15
    17:40 18:10
    18:40 19:10

    Journey takes approximately 15-20 minutes.


    private hospitals hk-明德醫院門診-24 hour clinic-私家醫院急症-health check hk-私家醫院核酸檢測


    Due to the traffic condition in the city centre, occasionally there may be special arrangements for the city pickup location and schedule without prior notice. Please call us at 2849 0111 for confirmation of the shuttle bus service information.