Courses for domestic helpers

The health education team at Matilda International Hospital is dedicated to helping domestic helpers and care givers enhance basic skills and knowledge on child care. We run two courses, one on child care, and the other on first aid.

Details are as follow:


The contents of the two courses are different and independent of each other. Choose from one or both courses, depending on relevance to individual competence or family needs.

Child Care Course $1,200 per person
Paediatric Emergency First Aid $1,500 per person
Special price for two courses
(Child Care + Paediatric Emergency First Aid)
$2,300 per person*
(*Remarks: both classes need to be booked at the same time)

Class schedule

Please check our class calendar for the schedule

Application Procedure

To enroll, please download the application form and return it to the Health Education Department.

A space at the course will only be confirmed upon receipt of the full payment in advance and with a confirmation e-mail sent by the Health Education Department.

For booking and enquiries, please contact: Health Education Department Contact: 2849 0357
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