Matilda International Hospital Service Development Plan in 2016/2017

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2 March 2017

Matilda International Hospital
Service Development Plan in 2016/2017


In 2016, the Matilda International Hospital dedicated effort in supporting the development of orthopaedic surgery and enhancing patient service. This year, apart from launching a new corporate brand identity, refreshing staff uniform, patient facilities and website, we will invest in a number of new advanced medical equipment for orthopaedic and urology surgery as well as imaging services. Medical services will also be expanded with the additional facilities in both the hospital and downtown residential area.

The hospital will continue to promote service packages. Our maternity packages were first introduced in 1994, followed by surgical packages in 1996.

Mini C-arm

  • A mini C-arm, a C-shaped X-ray system for surgery, was acquired in February 2016
  • Smaller in size with the capacity to produce high quality images, it can be easily operated by a surgeon without the need for a radiographer.
  • Smaller joints such as hand, arm, foot and ankle can be placed on its flat panel for optimal positioning. The flat panel can be used as the operating field.
  • It shortens the operating time as it does not require the radiographer to move in and move out the bigger C-arm for taking X-ray and ensuring the right positioning for operation.
  • Benefits – lighter in weight, lower radiation, easy manipulation by the surgeon, faster positioning and reduced operating time.
  • Limitation – not for bigger joints such as spine, hip and knee in which higher-powered C-arm is required.
  • Investment – HK$700,000

Endovenous Laser Ablation in Varicose Veins

  • Introduced an endovenous laser ultrasound-guided procedure to remove unsightly varicose veins.
  • The use of ultrasound guided laser is now considered to be the gold standard in varicose vein treatment. It can be done as day surgery with minimal pain, scarring, higher success rate and lower recurrence as compared to open surgery.
  • Depending on how the symptoms progress, varicose vein patients can encounter symptoms such as leg heaviness, fatigue, calf pain, to night calf muscle cramps and skin changes.

Ear Nose Throat (ENT) Centre

  • Starting in November 2016, ENT centre was added to the Outpatient Department in which it is equipped with a Zeiss Pico ENT microscope, an Olympus endoscopy machine and an ENT chair.

Patient Service Centre

  • Launched in April 2016, inpatients can now enjoy integrated customer service, from
  • pre-admission to discharge, from our newly set up Patient Service Centre (PSC).
  • The PSC team comprises a team of professionals who are experienced in frontline customer service and insurance claims. They are committed to providing a patient-centred service, assisting patients with the admission procedure, insurance claims, providing room orientation as well as transportation arrangements.


linda new uniform

Linda Burgoyne , CEO of Matilda International Hospital together with nurses and patient services centre staff in their new uniform.

Zeihn Intraoperative 3D Flat Panel Mobile C-arm

  • Matilda International Hospital will introduce Hong Kong’s first 3D flat panel mobile C-arm in the operating theatre.
  • With the built-in digital detector, it can produce high resolution CT-like 3D image for coverage of a large area as the panel is at its maximum size of 30cm X 30cm. For example, the whole C1 – C 7 neck joint or 4 levels of lumbar spine can be seen in a single high quality 3D image. Surgeons can cross check the accuracy of the screws and implants during the surgery.
  • The 3D flat panel C-arm can be used as a standalone, or integrated with the use of a navigation system to heighten the precision. With the recorded 3D image, the surgeon can cross-check positioning for the operation instead of constantly taking X-rays.
  • Once the 3D Flat Panel C-arm system is registered with the navigation system, the 3D image can be transferred to the navigation system. Navigation-guided surgical instruments will then be continuously tracked with the infrared camera and their position visualized on the screen.
  • A radiographer can also control the C-arm with a panel located away from the operating field, giving the surgeon more access around the operating field.
  • It is particularly ideal for spinal surgery for the neck and lower back for its CT-like image and precision positioning. Patients benefit from shortened operating time, higher precision and less exposure to radiation dosage.
  • Investment amount – HK$3.5 million

3D C arm

Matilda International Hospital unveils Asia’s first 3D Flat Panel Mobile C-arm (left hand side); it can be used as a standalone or integrated with a navigation system (right).

Holmium laser equipment

  • Commenced in use in Q1 2017, this holmium laser equipment can produce mid-power laser energy for less invasive and more effective procedures in urology. Applications include the management of ureteric and bladder stones, as well as removal of tumours in the bladder.
  • Holmium lasers and associated fibers effectively fragment stones of any composition or size throughout the urinary tract. Using high repetitive lower energy pulses can also effectively pulverize stones to fine dust that is small enough to pass in the urine.
  • The benefit of using holmium lasers for the management of stones and removal of tumours include faster post-operative recovery.
  • Investment: $600,000

New CT Scan

  • Examining the need and CT scan options in the market. CT scan is to obtain cross-sectional pictures of the body.
  • Looking for lowest radiation
  • Investment: over HK$15 million

New Medical Surgical Ward

  • There will be an additional 15 beds, including private, semi-private and standard rooms.
  • For general medical and surgical inpatient cases.
  • Planning stage, target service date in Q4.
  • Investment: HK$12.5 million

Matilda Clinic – Caine Road

  • To open a new family clinic in a downtown residential district to serve the community.
  • The Clinic is located at Caine Road, Mid-Level, mainly providing family medicine, blood tests and vaccination services.
  • Opening in Q2.
  • The hospital currently has two medical centres in Central and Tsim Sha Tsui, offering outpatient and health assessment services.
  • Investment: 2.7 million

New Brand Identity

  • Matilda International Hospital introduces a new brand identity to mark its 110th anniversary on 27 January 2017. The new corporate identity aligns closely with its core values and the design is contemporary and approachable, leveraging on its heritage and iconic location.
  • The fresh new look coincides the rebranding underway in our hospital as we are refreshing our staff uniform, patient facilities, and our website.
  • In this special year we are focusing on the future and driving forward with our vision of leading personalised health and wellness.



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