Plastic Surgery

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Effective 1 Jan 2021
Hospital fee only (It does not include doctor’s fee)


 Standard RoomTwin RoomPrivate Room
Upper or lower eyelids (IV Sedation)
Upper and lower eyelids (IV Sedation)

Breast Surgery

 Standard RoomTwin RoomPrivate Room
Bilateral breast reduction
Breast enlargement - Augmentation (excluding implants)
Breast reconstruction by Tram Flap (5 nights)
Exchange of Breast Implants Bilateral (excluding implants)
Exchange of Breast Implants Unilateral (excluding implants)
Mastopexy - breast lift

Face Lift

 Standard RoomTwin RoomPrivate Room
Face lift
Mini face lift
Brow and mini face lift
Brow lift


 Standard RoomTwin RoomPrivate Room
Liposuction 0.75 hour
Liposuction 1 hour
Liposuction 1.5 hours
Liposuction 2 hours
Liposuction 3.5 hours


 Standard RoomTwin RoomPrivate Room

Tummy Tuck (2 nights)

 Standard RoomTwin RoomPrivate Room
Abdominoplasty with liposuction of abdomen

All procedures are carried out under G.A. (general anaesthetic) unless indicated with L.A. (local anaesthetic or intravenous sedation)

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