HPV vaccine special offer

HPV vaccine offers protection for common types of HPV that cause cervical cancer, vulval and vaginal cancers in females, and it also gives protection against genital warts, penile cancer, and anal cancer in males.

Both boys and girls can get vaccinated, starting at age 9 years, and it works best for getting protection before becoming sexually active.


Get protected early with our special offer till 31 December 2023.


 3 doses    2 doses
 Aged 15 or above        Aged 9 – 14   
 HK$5,850 (Hospital Outpatient Department)     HK$3,900 (Hospital Outpatient Department)
 HK$5,400 (Matilda Medical Centre)     HK$3,600 (Matilda Medical Centre)


Booking and enquiry:
t 2537 8500
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Terms and conditions

  • This offer is available for Matilda Medical Centre only.
  • Full payment is required on the first visit. No refund will be made should the doses are not complete.
  • The package price includes injection fee and the vaccines.
  • A doctor consultation ($590) is required before the first dose.
  • Additional charges will incur should the doctor prescribe additional investigations or medications other than the HPV vaccine during the first consultation.

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