Supporting you and the public sector during the pandemic

29 March 2022 

Matilda is committed to supporting the public health system in the fight against the pandemic. We would like to share with you what we currently have in place and what we are planning.

Outpatient support clinic

An outdoor Support Clinic has been set up for covid patients with mild symptoms and patients with respiratory symptoms. Patients can call the Outpatient Department (tel: 2849 1500)  to make an appointment and will be required to do a Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) upon arrival. Treatment for symptom relief and advice on emergency support will be provided. 

Telemedicine Consultations 

Existing Matilda patients can arrange a telemedicine consultation through the Outpatient Department (t 2849 1500) and Matilda Medical Centre (t 2537 8500). Medication can be delivered with an additional fee or picked up in person (if no respiratory symptoms) or by friends or family members. 

Supporting HA’s breast cancer patients

The hospital has fully supported Hospital Authority (HA) requests and has taken 104 patients into our care for surgical treatment of breast cancer from 6 HA Hospitals. We have increased the number of ladies we can care for by 20% and will continue to work closely with HA.

Providing beds for HA transfers

In a joint effort by private hospitals, 20% of all our beds will be assigned for the transfer of non-COVID patients and we are working closely with the HA regarding cases. Non-urgent services and elective bookings have been curtailed as we focus efforts and resources on supporting the public system.  As the COVID situation seems to be stabilised and more colleagues return to work, we aim to resume some of the services in April.

The Hospital has enhanced areas with improved airflow filtration in the event that patients turn positive during their stay and we have access to COVID drugs for patients meeting the criteria.

We thank you for your understanding and supporting us in fighting the pandemic. 


Matilda International Hospital